Cossacks were a sub-ethnic group from Eastern Europe who thrived from the 15th to early 20th centuries, and consisted of different nationalities, although most were of Slavic origin. They were early colonizers of Siberia and were the founders of almost all Siberian towns. Cossacks were superior horsemen and exceptional warriors who were always on horseback and always ready for battle, 24 hours-a-day. Men were required to carry weapons at all times. Bladed weapons were even provided to women and children. Babies were carried in a special hood behind the back so hands were free to fight in case of sudden attack.

Anybody could join the Cossacks, if the Cossacks considered them to be a worthy warrior. There was only one condition - belief in Christ. The Cossacks had a very strong tradition of independence and were known for their courage and free spirit. The name "Cossack" derives from the Turkish word "kazak" which means "adventurer" or "free man."

Cossacks were not only superior land warriors, but their fleets of small boats presided over other sea vessels and port cities. Reportedly, they played a crucial role in defeating Napoleon Bonaparte in 1812, when he and his army attempted to conquer Russia. The Russian Empire relied on free Cossack warriors to defend and expand its southern and eastern frontiers for four centuries until 1917. Tens-of-thousands of Cossacks and their families left Russia during the Russian Civil War (1918 - 1920). Descendants of Cossacks now live in the US, Western Europe, Canada, and Australia.

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