Silver Bear

Legend of the BEAR - Artaius was the bear god of Gaul, particularly in present-day Switzerland. The Romans identified Artaius with Mercury. Bern, the capital of Switzerland is named after the Bear. Some scholars believed that King Arthur (Arth is Welsh for Bear) may have originally been a god, and was derived from the Gallic god Artaius.

This knife includes a hand-made leather sheath, wooden presentation box and hand-made wooden stand.

Hand made by Oleg Alexander
Silver Bear Materials - Damascus steel, Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Ebony Wood, Leather Sheath, Wooden Presentation Box, Display Stand, Certificate
Steel – Damascus (HRC - 60-62);
Silver (Sterling) - 150 grams (5.3 ounces);
Gold (14K) - 2 grams (.07 ounces);
Diamonds - 2 pieces (as eyes), approximate size of each diamond is .05 carats, clarity VVS, color I-L;
Handle – Ebony Wood;
Blade Length – 190 millimeters (7.5 inches);
Handle Length - 170 millimeters (6.7 inches)
Overall Length – 360 millimeters (14.2 inches).


AncientWarrior Series™


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